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Better access to dermatological care


Chinh. K. Le, Reza Sohrabi, Håvard Dalen, Simen Øgreid



Success Story

Snapmed Norway  acquired by Dr Dropin Hud in Jan 2022 for $3.35M
10000+ cases resolved online
launched in 3 countries : Norway, Sweden,  United Kingdom





Partners from launch

Robert Dijkstra, Lise Sværi Madeleine Sand, YMIR
The Challenge
187 million Europeans suffer with skin problems yearly. GPs and dermatologists struggle with ever-increasing waiting lists to examine and diagnose skin conditions. Today, the average waiting time to get an assessment from a specialist is 20 weeks in Norway.

We needed to create an online platform that could facilitate the patient doctor consultation with the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions and at the same time reduce the waiting time for patients.
The Solution
An online dermatological platform developed by GPs, dermatologists and cancer specialists in collaboration with outstanding technologists. Using secure technology, they give you the opportunity to have your skin checked by some of Norway's leading dermatologists within 24 hours.

In 2021 Norway experienced its highest sick leave figures for  the past 10 years.

Norway has the highest sick leave in Europe mainly due to musculoskeletal disorders, mental disorders, poor diet and too little physical activity. Few companies have the resources nor tools to provide their employees with a way of working proactively with their own health.

Who are we solving for?

The obvious market would be the people with skin problems, but what about doctors and dermatologists, health insurance companies, other companies and their employees? All these would benefit from an efficient affordable way of having skin conditions diagnosed from, lowering the costs to medical insurance companies, minimizing the time employees take off from work and saving resources in the healthcare system.

We identified the main user groups and their needs:

Clients needs

  • To feel secure when disclosing skin problems
  • The diagnosis  to be quick and accurate
  • The consultation to be affordable
  • To communicate with dermatologists on face to face basis via video

Doctors needs

  • To receive quality pictures, videos and precise descriptions  of the problem so they can diagnose effectively
  • To have a complete patient medical history to provide accurate diagnosis
  • To communicate securely with the patient
  • Provide patient with a prescription

In addition, the company  needed to

  • Create secure and scalable digital infrastructure to run their general meetings and board meetings.
  • Create audit logs for every event performed by the board members on the platform
  • Secure storage of documents and files.
  • Simplify the process of conducting legal meetings.

What we did to solved the problem

Created an easy-to-use user interface (UI) that helps patients understand the online process easily from where  they can begin their online consultation by offering the patient 3 options.

  • Organize AGMs and send out invites to the scheduled meeting
  • See an equity breakdown per shareholder
  • Share and upload shareholder agreements and certificates
  • Enable digital registration
  • Facilitate pre and real time voting
  • Provide on-demand access to legal support.
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Created UI/UX friendly designs and added top-level security features for customers to have a smooth and secure experience.
We contributed to developing robust, secure and scalable products by providing Full stack solutions along with DevOps support, which made managing products in three different countries easier and flexible. Additionally we contributed in bringing in traffic and marketing the product on various domains and platforms.
The team defined the core value proposition and customers, the scope of the MVP, design, built and launched to market. We utilised: Lean canvas, archetype development, journey mapping, prototyping and user testing.
It was to be launched directly to the market, but cognisant of who we target so we could provide great customer support for the first onboarders.
Employers’ Goals
We created an easy to use subscription based web application whereby a company can choose a subscription that is right for them and their employees
Employees’ needs
We created a web application that allows employees of a company to access the platform at any time, anonymously and at no cost to the employee. The employees have  6 different digital healthcare services to choose from.


Picture Consultation (solved it in 3 easy steps)
  • Client fills in a questionnaire to gather personal information about themselves and the skin problem
  • They upload their pictures of concerned region
  • A dermatologist will assess the case and give  an answer within 24 hours.
Video Consultation
  • Client selects a convenient time slot from the already available slots
  • Client adds their personal information and makes payment
  • Client connects with a dermatologist on the selected date and time via provided video link
To track how the product is performing we look at how many active shareholders are interacting with the platform and  how many board meetings have been conducted. To date :
10 000+ shareholders
  • Client visits the nearest Snapmed/ Dr Dropin clinic and gets diagnosis physically
The threshold for booking the services is reduced as everything is done digitally and is 100% anonymous

Children under 16 are included in all packages
250 + general meetings
You work proactively to reduce sickness absence and increase the productivity of your employees
Time saver
You work proactively to reduce sickness absence and increase the productivity of your employees
You become a more attractive employer

Going forward

After the acquisition by Folkeinvest we have plans to implement
  • Investor portal which will provide investors a place to overlook and connect with companies on Caplist through GM or investor updates.
  • Improve data security and access for the platform.

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