The key to saving your energy as a startup founder!

We understand - it can be quite overwhelming to be a startup founder. With numerous tasks at all times, disconnecting from work becomes a challenge.

However, to perform well during the week, it's necessary to restore your energy through relaxation and, of course, getting enough sleep. That´s why we´ve collected ten key tips to help you save your energy, work more productively, and spend less time worrying when you really should be relaxing.

  1. Write down your ideas

This will help you minimize repetitive thoughts, so you don't have to forget them and use twice as much energy trying to remember them again.

  1. Connect two types of consciousness to work in synergy

Create to-do lists with simple, small tasks for your reactive part. Use your rational part to think over your ideas and create your to-do list.

  1. Don’t scare your reactive part by how you describe your tasks

Your reactive consciousness loves simple tasks. So when you're writing down tasks, try to make them sound as casual and manageable as possible.

  1. Keep the details of each task or informational note

Be as specific as possible when you're writing down tasks. This will help you set clear expectations for yourself.

  1. Work on the product in chunks

This will help the reactive part of your consciousness focus so you don't get overwhelmed by the complexity of the product.

  1. Trust your to-do list

Make sure your to-do list only consists of important and relevant tasks. To do so, clear finished tasks and update it with new ones regularly.

  1. Minimize harmful triggers like notifications and countless alarms.

Switching your attention constantly will make your overall performance worse. Turn on "work mode" on your phone if possible.

  1. Don’t forget about rest

If you live in constant stress, you'll burn out. Try to find a balance between work and life and fill your free time with things that are good for you. This can be going to the gym, reading, or spending time with your friends and family.

  1. Remove distractions

Delete apps that are stealing too much of your time and try to leave your phone muted or out of sight for a short period of time. This will make you save energy for things that need to be done instead.

  1. Clear your head

When intrusive thoughts become a distraction, take a moment to jot them down. This allows you to revisit and address them later, enabling you to stay focused on the task at hand.