How we elevate the team´s engagement in Ymir

In Ymir, we place a strong emphasis on keeping the team engaged. We believe that engaging the team in monthly social activities makes people feel more enthusiastic and dedicated in their jobs.

Here are a few employee engagement activities that´s  a part of our monthly routine:


The Ymir Awards

Every quarter, we present the Ymir Awards during our weekly team meeting. This initiative aims to ensure that the skills and hard work of each employee are recognized and appreciated within the organization. We have four distinct awards: Team of the Quarter, Ymir Standout Performer, Ymir Ambassador of the Quarter, and Best Remote Worker.


Social fun Fridays

On every second Friday of the month, we come together for a one-hour Ymir Social Hangout, a delightful time of fun, games, and perhaps a touch of friendly competition. We also mark holidays and organize events to foster inclusivity, cultivating an environment of respect that embraces our diverse cultural backgrounds.

Product run-throughs

At Ymir, we're dedicated to developing innovative and exciting products. To gain in-depth insights into these offerings, our product and project teams

monthly provides valuable insights into KPIs, product markets, and key customers in an engaging and enlightening manner. This approach ensures that every employee becomes proficient in understanding the diverse products we´re collaborating on.


Internal Employee NPS

Net Promoter Score is essential because it allows us as a company to understand our employee's likelihood to promote YMIR.

NPS provides evaluate a business’s performance compared to its competitors and industry average, helping to set goals and track progress over time.

It helps us measure employee loyalty and satisfaction to identify opportunities & setting a graph.

Channel postings

As a remote company we find it particulary important to stay in touch with our coworkers online. Therefore, we make sure to keep our Slack-channels active and frequently post about acheivements, celebrations, birthdays, the season's first snowfall and anything else that we want to share with the team!