How to build the right MVP

In today's tough market, just having a cool idea won't get you funding. Now, you need to prove some kind of traction to make investors interested. That's why it's important to create your MVP quickly and without spending too much.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

1) Create and launch a landing page

Don´t think about fancy designs and animations! What matters right now is that you get a page that you can share with potential customers and start collecting emails and feedback.

2) Decide on a simple function to build

The more you build in the beginning, the slower you´ll move. That´s why you should build as simple as possible in the beginning. Come up with one must have function that you can show to your early customers and that can give them some kind of value from the beginning.

3) Design a UI prototype

Create a simple UI design to visualize your idea. This will help you gain clarity on what you´re trying to create, and also help potential customers and investors understand your vision.

4) Validate, Promote and Sell

Work on showing your landing page and prototype to potential customers. Collect feedback and use it to improve your idea and landing page. Also collect any positive feedback and ask if you can use peoples quotes as testimonials on your landing page. Get as many potential customers to engage with/sign up on your landing page as possible.

5) Set a deadline to launch your MVP - and stick with it

There is no point in trying to create “the perfect” MVP and implementing all functions at once. That will only make you spend way too much time and money on creating something that you have no idea will survive in the market or not. In worst case you´ll run out of money before your product is even ready to be launched in the market.

6) Work manually first

Remember that you still have big chances of failure, until the first users use and pay for you product. Try to do as much as possible work manually from the start, as the wrong automations will slow you down.

And most important - never give up and keep selling your product!

If you need help building your next startup success - reach out to us in Ymir Labs. We´d love to hear about your idea!