From Anywhere to Everywhere: YMIR Startup Studio Redefines Entrepreneurship!

We are a global venture studio with entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and growth hackers working remotely with a common vision - to enable entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to reality!

Written by: Nandita Jati

Work the Ymir way!

Ymir is fueled by self motivated employees and a culture of utmost trust. We believe in individual credibility & like minded individuals that are contributors, creative & fun even when they are working, so they create their own work space.

To us the idea of freedom of working from anywhere was captivating. We believe to be encircled by anything that motivates us.

The idea of putting fun & work together has enabled our team for a better work-life balance, more freedom and autonomy , enhanced quality of work that all adds up to a satisfied team which is one of many goals for YMIR as an employer!

Keeping up with the tribe

The Ymir team, as much as it is working from across different continents and time zones, sure does know the importance of team engagement.

We have our yearly meetups - WORKATIONS, where we work, celebrate, learn & cherish each individual that has been a part in the ride!

Our FRIDAY SOCIALS are something that everyone looks forward to where we end the week with happy faces, play games, do fun social activities 

Ymir has no Monday Blues! All hands meeting - This is our favorite meeting of the week , where we share work updates,  our achievements from last week (personal or professional)  and discuss what our coming week looks like.

Project run through - We work/ partner on VERY interesting projects as a company with dynamic teams. 

As busy and engaging it gets, we believe as a company each team member gets the best insights to the same. Every project team presents project components, phases & scope which makes it even better!