Build faster - launch sooner!

Speed is key for startup success! That´s why you should spend less time on building your MVP and more time on customer interaction, sales, and fundraising.

Here are some smart strategies for your MVP journey:

  1. Skip What You Already Know: Don't spend time on things you already know how to do. While they might be needed for the final product, they're not a priority for the initial version. For instance, building a detailed signup form can wait. You can start with a basic, fixed user setup.
  2. Tackle the Unknown: Focus on areas you're not familiar with. These are the riskiest parts that could slow down or even stop the product development. Begin by tackling the most complicated parts. Later, you can connect them to create the core functionality of your prototype.
  3. Simple Beats Complex: It's not wise to invest a lot of time in intricate algorithms when you're not sure where your product is headed. Start with a basic version instead.
  4. Understand the Details: Remember that the main goal of creating a MVP is to fully grasp how your product will function and look.

Being smart about building you MVP, focusing on unknown challenges, and starting simple will help you get a clearer picture of your product's potential!

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