5 reasons to develop your company with a startup studio

Do you have a brilliant idea, but no idea how to develop it? In this article, we'll share five reasons why a startup studio could be the game-changer you need to make your vision a reality.

  1. Valuable resources: Startup studios provide countless foundational resources for their startups so that you as an entrepreneur can focus on building a great product, generate new revenue, and take care of your existing clients.
  1. Unique market insights: As well as working across many different fields, studios also work with many different entrepreneurs and investors. This gives the studios a unique market insight and a great ability to help validating your idea.
  1. Accelerated speed to funding: On average, studio startups go from day zero to seed round in 10.7 months, and seed round to series A in 14.5 months. The average startup is roughly three years old by the time it raises a seed round. It takes an average 20 months (per round) to raise the first five rounds, and 25 months for each consecutive round. This means that it takes a traditional startup more than twice as long to get to their Series A funding in comparison to a startup out of a studio, which attains the same goal in 25 months’ time.
    (Source: https://www.gssn.co/)

  2. Efficient processes: Great startup studios have objective stage gates for building new ventures, and repeatable processes created by each studio help them build successful companies at scale. This means that studio startups launch way faster than the traditional startups.

  3. Network: The founding teams for studios have a deep network of investors and entrepreneurs that they can leverage as they scale their companies and need some early connections to get off of the ground. This helps lay a solid foundation for the startup in its early days.

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